Badac Theatre Company performing at Folded Space.

Badac Theatre Company are in town performing their immersive theatre performance at Folded Space. You must see this show.

Summer Break Jam

Summer Break Jam 1/09/18 12pm-3pm A free afternoon jam session. You can learn some DJ, illustration/graffiti, rap, street dances or beatboxing skills or chill and listen or dance to the music at Folded Space email for more details. We want o know if you want to do something like this. The Hip Hop Akademy […]

How to navigate around the gatekeepers in dance.

I’m going to talk about dancers and choreographers and the arts in general about futureproofing themselves for when there is even less funding to support the arts. Organisations and individuals have seen the ‘no funding’ hurricane looming on the horizon for years but aren’t fully preparing for it because they think the sun will shine forever. […]

The Arts

Here’s something from Agile Studios, my digital innovation project. Have a listen/watch it’s an online dance centre think group Skype meets a dance/fitness studio. Livestreamed classes from around the world 1 to 1 or 1 to many. Allowing dancers to take class and workshops with teachers that they may never get the chance to work […]

Real Estate

Many urban spaces are being neglected due to deindustrialisation, retail parks (suburbanisation) and changing demographics, resulting in an abundance of vacant buildings and spaces spread throughout urban areas. Shifting populations, changing markets, and the apprehension of financial commitment have contributed to the neglect of these buildings, producing desolate areas within cities and devastating urban landscape. […]