To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing’. –Aristotle.

Being different and standing out takes courage, thinking differently takes courage, silencing the critic inside your head takes courage and ignoring those that doubt you takes courage. Finding your WHY however will give you confidence to sheild yourself from the critics.

Your WHY will often be about solving a problem and creating a solution for it. If you’ve ever had a problem and found a solution then you have used your creativity. Creativity is not confined to the arts.


Ironically creative people that work in the arts do not always use their creativity for innovation. Click here to Read More

If one focuses on a problem you will find one. If one focusses on a solution you will find one.

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He says
As a choreographer one is continually working with peoples strengths, finding innovative ways to present a concept and quality of delivery. These essentials aren’t confined to dance alone. The creative process manifests in many ways, if one has the aptitude to think creatively, then applying it to other industries is quite natural if one focusses on that transition.
Businesses are always  looking for innovative ways to build awareness of their brands and increasingly look towards the creative industries to acheive that.Click here to Read More
‘Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality’         Dalai Lama XIV.
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