flying-kkKwesi has never been one to use tricks or ‘gloss’ to produce an effect. He used the same approach in this picture, no tricks, strings or photoshop just solid training and knowhow. This is how he approaches his work and service to clients.

Kwesi offers a range of services that emerge from his creative outlook. 




  • Choreography & creative direction for events, productions & experiential marketing
  • Creative Business & Product Development
  • Team Architecture – Embody Company Culture


  • Creative Placemaking – The Cultural Assembly
  • Choreography & Creative Direction
  • Education & Participation
  • Empty Property Sourcing

Choreography & creative direction for corporate events, productions & experiential marketing.

canon With Kwesi’s input and knowledge of creating performance, an events producer can concentrate on the bigger picture. The ‘magic’ cannot be learnt overnight and can be the difference between the success or failure of a launch or campaign. Click here to Read More

Team Architecture – Company Culture

game-corporateAs a Director Kwesi has worked with groups who have never met before and coached them to give polished performances by the end of one day of working with him because he has built trust, understanding and a shared vision/culture. Most businesses would want to achieve these results for their teams in a short space of time read how your team can be as effective…. Click here to Read More


Creative Business & Product Development


Kwesi is passionate about creativity in the workplace. It is proven that if one regularly uses the creative part of their brain they are more likely to create solutions and innovations in other environments they are in. Kwesi has been a creative thinker for 20 + years, has worked in businesses and on businesses, so making the transition to thinking innovatively for a corporate client is simple. Click here to Read More

The Cultural Assembly (TCA)

lanternsKwesi & Maya Alexander are the Co-Founders of The Cultural Assembly. It is a creative agency that works at the intersection of providing alternative content, audience development and place keeping, through film, live events, digital content and consultancy. They have over 35 years of combined professional experience in the arts, marketing, business development, cultural and entertainment industries. TCA has three main objectives and they are to help:

  • Struggling venues to practically develop audiences
  • Lacklustre towns, villages and cities develop a local distinctiveness to become a hive of culture, business and innovation

Click here to see how they do it

Revitalising Failing High Streets

openThe Cultural Assembly also has the experience and vision to be able to help lacklustre, villages, towns or city centres facing common challenges such as:

  • Decreasing footfall and city/town centre economy
  • Not being a place of choice to visit
  • No recognisable town brand or distinctiveness
  • Losing touch with the local community

How we can help

This is the result of Kwesi’s most recent project with Suffolk Coastal and The Cultural Engine, where he created a place making plan for the regeneration of the Martelo Park in  Felixstowe.

Choreography & Creative Direction


Kwesi began his career as a dancer in touring companies, which enabled him to see a lot of the world during his early career. He has worked internationally and created his own dance theatre company, Kompany Malakhi that he took from a sole trader company to a portfolio client of the Arts Council England (ACE) where he became Artistic Director working on projects with The British Council in Vietnam and South Africa as well as other international engagements and as far back as 1991 was creating the opening of The Olympic Conference in Birmingham. Kwesi has many achievements he is one of the UK pioneers of what is now known as Hip Hop Theatre. He has literally “Transformed lives through dance” working with young people at risk at Dance United and facilitating change in a 28 mile square refugee camp in Uganda with Theatre Versus Oppression. 

Kwesi performing arts CV

Kwesi’s Showreel


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