The Cultural Assembly

The Cultural Assembly – A creative solution for every town centre that is suffering from loss of footfall and are out of ideas how to bring people back into their town/city.

SeatingThe Cultural Assembly are placemakers, we assist organisations, creators and communities to collaborate and make something remarkable. We manage and produce creative cultural events and projects that connect a network of creatives, pop ups, ideas, people, places and businesses.

We do this by collaborating with local clients, artists, audiences, communities and businesses where we develop remarkable cultural events and pop up activities. These co-creation projects present new and innovative ideas that aim to improve the activity and profile of the space they are located in or around.

The Cultural Assembly is an independent company, we develop and deliver exciting new placemaking initiatives, collaborative projects and partnerships, joint marketing initiatives and offer training and resources.

We believe the future of a town centre lies in the success of the creative and cultural industries and the experience they can create. People tend to shop for bargains are online these days and the publics requirements from a  town centre is changing and not going back to the old model of solely shopping.

What else has your town centre got to offer? What would it have if all the shopping was taken away?

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Listen below to: ‘7 creative ideas for the 7 most common town centre improvements’





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