Kwesi Johnson is a Creative Director & Movement Specialist – Moving people bodies, minds and attitudes. He has over 20 years of professional industry experience as an award winning Choreographer, Dance Teacher and Producer.

His work is the intersection of dance,  physical theatre, visual storytelling, spoken word & street culture. He is a pioneer of the now global, Hip Hop Theatre.  Kwesi is also influenced by digital innovation, Creative Placemaking and how this can create community cohesion.

He is a graduate of the Institute of Leadership and Management, co-founder of a creative agency, The Cultural Assembly and Founder and Artistic Director of Kompany Malakhi, a dance and physical theatre company.

In the arts he develops and delivers his own bespoke events and projects and is interested in the intersection of live, site specific and livestreamed performance.

Kwesi believes creativity and innovation is the highest use of our intelligence because when we create we are bringing something to life that didn’t exist. It begins as a thought and becomes reality, that is the power of imagination and desire.

Kwesi is a creative thinker by nature and offers creative and innovative solutions as well as working in the arts he also applies his creative flair in the corporate and public sectors; helping businesses develop new products, build teams and deal with change management. When you work with Kwesi in any capacity you will take an enriching journey exploring and unleashing your creative genius so that your approach to your work will never be the same.  

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