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Kwesi is a Creative Director and Movement Specialist and he has been moving peoples bodies, minds and attitudes for over 25 years. He started his career as a dancer and choreographer and took Kompany Malakhi his dance-theatre company he founded in to become an RFO (NPO) of Arts Council England. He is a pioneer of Hip Hop Theatre and a graduate of the Institute of Leadership & Management via DENT and a mentor for professional and emerging creative practitioners. Now the Creative Director of The Cultural Assembly he is interested in developing solutions in education, business, the arts and innovation using a creative approach. Kwesi teaches people how to unleash their creative genius and experience their higher self through movement, theatre and teambuilding. He teaches a wide range of people from hard to reach young people to professionals.


He builds confidence in the hard to reach group to help them regain interest in themselves and in education whilst helping them explore their creativity. He works with young people who are already creative and expands their horizons to understand how their passion can not only be of use in the creative industries but how it can benefit business and innovation. He also uses the creativity to help people with special education needs to use sensory and experiential learning. He teaches dance, choreography and Hip Hop theatre to peers and teachers that want to deliver this type of work in schools or add to their CPD.


Kwesi collaborates with professionals from the creative industries such as choreographers, directors and producers and he is interested in the use of technology and the internet to amplify and distribute what  is created in person. He has developed many projects in the UK and abroad, projects that develop community cohesion, business team building and performance. Using his industry experience he can create a touring  dance production, the content for a dynamic product launch or an experiential marketing campaign. The advantage of using dance movement and visual theatre is that language is international.


Drawing on Kwesi’s knowledge he gained from the Institute of Leadership & Management and his creative thinking gives him an intuitive approach when being a facilitator helping struggling businesses who want to ‘Create, not Compete’  He uses a design thinking approach to develop their business products and strengthen their teams’ creativity or even directing a product launch or trade show. He has been building ensembles for over 20 years and applies the methods to business team building to help employees perform at their best, believe in their director and live by the company culture. Creating new business approaches and business plans are a creative process so working with a creative who understands business is a priceless. Speak to me and let me help you if any of the above makes sense. Click here or go to the Services page to discover how his creative thinking can help to you.
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